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CS51033 View Datasheet(PDF) - ON Semiconductor

Part NameCS51033 ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
DescriptionAC-DC Offline Switching Controllers/Regulators
'CS51033' PDF : 4 Pages
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Linear Voltage Regulation
General Purpose
MC78LC, MC33565, MC78LXXA, NCV78LXXA, MC33160,
MC34160, MC78MXX/A, MC78MXX/A, MC78XX/A,
LM317, NCV317, LM350, LM337
Low Drop Out, Fixed Output Voltage, <400 mA
MC33761, NCP500, NCP502, NCP511, NCP512, NCP553,
NCP562, NCP563, NCP662, NCP663, NCV553, NCV8184,
MC78BC, CS8101, CS8151/C, CS9201, CS9202, L4949,
NCV4949, LM2931/A, NCV2931/A, LP2950C/AC,
LP2951C/AC, NCV2951, CS8321, NCP551, NCV551,
NCP561, NCP5426, NCV8501, NCV8502, NCP582,
NCP583, NCP623, MC78PC, NCV4269, NCV4279,NCP580,
NCP584, NCP585, NCV4299, MC33275, NCV8518
Low Drop Out, Fixed Output Voltage, 400 mA
CS5253B, CS8122, CS8126, CS8129, MC33269,
MC34268, NCP1086, NCP1117, NCV1117, NCP3335,
NCP630, NCP631, NCP5661, NCP5662, NCP5663,
NCV4275, NCV4276, NCV8141, NCV8503, NCV8504,
NCV8505, NCV8506, NCP565
Multiple Output
CS8363, CS8183, CS8361, CS8371, CS8156, CS8161,
MC33567, MC33762, NCV8509, NCP4672, NCP5504,
NCV5504, NCP4523, MC33765
Adjustable Voltage
LP2951C/AC, NCV2951, LM2931C/AC, NCV2931C,
NCV8501, NCV8502, NCV8503, NCV8504, CS8182,
NCP1086, NCP565, NCP2860, NCP5661, NCP5662,
NCP5663, CS5253-1, NCP1117, NCV1117, MC33269,
NCV33269, NCP3335A, NCP3334, NCP600
Voltage Reference
Voltage Reference
Voltage Supervisory
Voltage Supervisory
Battery Management
Charge Controllers
Overvoltage Charger Protection
Audio Power Amplifiers
Audio Power Amplifiers
NCP100, TLV431, TL431, NCV1009
MAX809/10, NCP301-5, NCP803, NCP400
MC33340, MC33342, MC33341, NCP1835
NCP345, NCP346
NCP2892, NCP4894
Signal Conditioning
Dual Comparators
Quad Comparators
Single Comparators
LM29xx, LM39xx, NCV29xx, NE52xx
LM23xx, LM29xx, LM33xx, MC33xx, NCV2xx
LM21x, LM31x, NCS22xx
NE57xx, SA57xx
Operational Amplifiers
General Purpose
High Current
High Speed
Low Noise
Low Power
Low Voltage
LM20xx, LM22x, LM25x, LM29xx, LM30xx, LM32x, MC33xx, NCV2xx
NCS25xx, NE59xx
LM8xx, MC33xx, NE55xx
MC33xx, LM358, MC33179
MC33xxx, NCS20xx, NCS71xx, NE52xx
Interface & Specials
Interface & Special Devices
Balanced Modulator/Demodulator
Data Transmission
Smartcard Interface ICs
Sensor Interface
MC14xx, MC26xx, MC34xx, MC75xx, NCN2500, NCV7361A
CS1124, CS41163
Interface & Special Devices (cont.)
MC1455, NCV1455
Motor Control
CS4122, CS4192, MC33033, MC33035, MC33039, MC3479,
TDA1035, NCV33033, NCV33035, NCV33039, NCV7702B
Automotive LIN/CAN
NCV7356, NCV7380, NCV7382
ON Semiconductor
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