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Part NameDAC-8841 ADI
Analog Devices ADI
Description8-Bit Octal, 2-Quadrant Multiplying, CMOS TrimDAC
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The DAC-8841 provides eight general purpose digitally controDed voltage adjustment devices. The TrimDAC™ capability replaces the mechanical trimmer function in new designs. It is ideal for ac or dc gain control of up to 1 MHz bandwidth signals.

   Replaces 8 Potentiometers
   Operates From Single +5 V Supply
   1 MHz 2-Quadrant Muitipiying Bandwidth
   No Signal Inversion
   Eight Individual Channels
   3-Wire Serial Input
   500 kHz Update Data Loading Rate
   +3 Volt Output Swing
   Midscale Preset
   Low 95 mW Power Dissipation

   Trimmer Replacement
   Dynamic Level Adjustment
   Special Waveform Generation and Modulation
   Programmable Gain Amplifiers


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