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Part NameMC330078P Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
DescriptionDual/Quad Low Noise Operational Amplifier
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Dual/Quad Low Noise Operational Amplifier

The MC33078/9 series is a family of high quality monolithic amplifiers employing Bipolar technology with innovative high performance concepts for quality audio and data signal processing applications. This family
incorporates the use of high frequency PNP input transistors to produce amplifiers exhibiting low input voltage noise with high gain bandwidth product and slew rate. The all NPN output stage exhibits no deadband
crossover distortion, large output voltage swing, excellent phase and gain margins, low open loop high requency output impedance and symmetrical source and sink AC frequency performance. The MC33078/9 family offers both dual and quad amplifier versions, tested over the automotive temperature range and available in the plastic
DIP and SOIC packages (P and D suffixes).

•Dual Supply Operation: ±5.0 V to ±18 V
•Low Voltage Noise: 4.5 nV/ Hz

•Low Input Offset Voltage: 0.15 mV
•Low T.C. of Input Offset Voltage: 2.0 µV/°C
•Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.002%
•High Gain Bandwidth Product: 16 MHz
•High Slew Rate: 7.0 V/µs
•High Open Loop AC Gain: 800 @ 20 kHz
•Excellent Frequency Stability
•Large Output Voltage Swing: +14.1 V/ –14.6 V
•ESD Diodes Provided on the Inputs

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