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Part NameOB3328QP On-Bright
On-Bright Electronics  On-Bright
DescriptionHigh Performance CCFL Controller Full Bridge
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General Description
The OB3328 is a unique, high-efficiency and high precision Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight controller IC dedicated to full bridg e configuration. The controller i s de signed to drive single or multiple CCF Ls in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) applications.
The OB332 8 convert s unre gulated DC input voltage to the pure sin usoidal voltage and current waveforms in required frequency, to ignite and operate CCFL lamps.

Support wide input voltage
Full bridge topology
High precision reference and frequency control
Built-in peak detect circuit reduces BOM count
Support single or multi-lamp applications
High flexibility of dimming configuration:
    Analog Dimming
    Internal/external burst (PWM) mode dimming
    Concurrent burst and analog dimming control
Flexible user programmability:
    Operating frequency
    Striking frequency, striking voltage and time
    Soft start and soft on/off time
    Internal burst mode frequency
Comprehensive protection coverage:
      IC supply under voltage lockout (UVLO)
      Output over voltage protection (OVP)
      Lamp fail safe function

Notebook computer
LCD Monitor
LCD flat panel display for Instrument, automobile and handhold device


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