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Part NameTDE1767A ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
DescriptionInterface circuit (relay and Lamp-driver)
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The TDE1767, TDE1767A, TDE1787, TDE1787A are a monolithic amplifiers designed for high current and high voltage applications, specifically to drive lamps, relays, stepping motors. The devices are assentially blow-out proof. The
output is prois protected from short-circuits with the positive supply or drive. In addition thermal shut down is provited to keep the IC from overheathing.

■ Open ground protection
■ High output current
■ Adjustable short-circuit protection
■ Internal thermal protection with external reset
■ Large supply voltage range
■ Alarm output
■ Input voltage can be higher than VCC
■ Output voltage can be lower than ground (VCC - VO ≤ VCC[max])

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