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Part NameTS27M2AID ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
DescriptionLow-power CMOS dual operational amplifiers
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The TS27x2 series are low-cost and low-power dual operational amplifiers designed to operate with high-voltage single or dual supplies. These operational amplifiers use the ST silicon gate CMOS process, providing an excellent consumption-speed ratio thanks to three different power consumptions, making them ideal for low consumption applications:

ICC = 10 µA/amp: TS27L2 (very low power),
ICC = 150 µA/amp: TS27M2 (low power) and
ICC = 1 mA/amp: TS272 (high speed)

The devices also offer a very high input impedance and extremely low input currents. Their main advantage compared to JFET devices is the very low input current drift with temperature (Figure 3).

■ Wide supply voltage range: 3 to 16 V
■ Ultra-low consumption: 150 µA/op typ
■ Output voltage swing to ground
■ Excellent phase margin on capacitive load
■ Gain bandwidth product: 1 MHz typ
■ Vio down to 2 mV max. (B version)

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