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Part NameTS914IYDT ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
DescriptionRail-to-rail CMOS quad operational amplifier
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The TS914 device is a rail-to-rail CMOS quad operational amplifier designed to operate with a
single or dual supply voltage. The input voltage range Vicm includes the two supply rails VCC+and VCC-.The output reaches VCC- +50 mV, VCC+-50 mV,with RL= 10 kΩ, and VCC-+350 mV, VCC+-
350 mV, with RL= 600Ω. This product offers a broad supply voltage operating range from 2.7 to 16 V and a supply current of only 200μA/amp. (VCC= 3 V). The source and sink output current capability is typically 40 mA (at VCC= 3 V), fixed by an internal limitation circuit.

• Rail-to-rail input and output voltage ranges
• Single (or dual) supply operation from 2.7 to 16 V
• Extremely low input bias current: 1 pA typical
• Low input offset voltage: 5 mV max. (A grade)
• Specified for 600Ωand 100Ωloads
• Low supply current: 200μA/ampli. (VCC= 3 V)
• Latch-up immunity
• Spice macromodel included in this specification

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