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Part Name2N2222A MACOM
Tyco Electronics Macom
DescriptionRadiation Hardened NPN Silicon Switching Transistors
2N2222A Datasheet PDF : 2N2222A pdf   
2N2221A image

● Qualified to MIL-PRF-19500/255
● Levels
   JANSM-3K Rads (Si) JAN
   JANSD-10K Rads (Si) JANTX
   JANSP-30K Rads (Si) JANTXV
   JANSL-50K Rads (Si) JAN
   JANSR-100K Rads (Si)
● TO-18 (TO-206AA), Surface mount UA & UB Packages

● Switching and Linear Applications
● DC and VHF Amplifier Applications

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