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Part Name2SA1741 Renesas
Renesas Electronics Renesas
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The 2SA1741 is a power transistor developed for high-speed switching and features a high hFE at low VCE(sat). This transistor is ideal for use as a driver in DC/DC converters and actuators.
In addition, a small resin-molded insulation type package contributes to high-density mounting and reduction of mounting cost.

• High hFE and low VCE(sat):
    hFE ≥ 100 (VCE = −2 V, IC = −1 A)
    VCE(sat) ≤ 0.3 V (IC = −3 A, IB = −0.15 A)
• Full-mold package that does not require an insulating board or bushing when mounting.


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