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Part NameJS28F128P30BF65 Numonyx
Numonyx -> Micron Numonyx
DescriptionAxcell™ P30-65nm Flash Memory 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit Single Bit per Cell (SBC)
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This document provides information about the Numonyx® AxcellTM P30-65nm Single Bit per Cell (SBC) Flash memory and describes its features, operations, and specifications.

P30-65nm SBC device provides high performance on a 16-bit data bus. Individually erasable memory blocks are sized for optimum code and data storage. Upon initial power-up or return from reset, the device defaults to asynchronous page-mode read. Configuring the Read Configuration Register (RCR) enables synchronous burst-mode reads. In synchronous burst mode, output data is synchronized with a user-supplied clock signal. A WAIT signal provides easy CPU-to-flash memory synchronization.

Product Features
■ High Performance:
    — 65ns initial access time for Easy BGA and QUAD+
    — 75ns initial access time for TSOP
    — 25ns 8-word asynchronous-page read mode
    — 52MHz with zero WAIT states, 17ns clock-todata output synchronous-burst read mode
    — 4-, 8-, 16- and continuous-word options for burst mode
    — 1.8V Low Power buffered programming at 1.8MByte/s (Typ) using 256-word buffer
    — Buffered Enhanced Factory Programming at 3.2MByte/s (typ) using 256-word buffer
■ Architecture:
    — Asymmetrically-blocked architecture
    — Four 32-KByte parameter blocks: top or bottom configuration
    — 128-KByte array blocks
    — Blank Check to verify an erased block
■ Voltage and Power:
    — VCC (core) voltage: 1.7V – 2.0V
    — VCCQ (I/O) voltage: 1.7V – 3.6V
    — Standby current: 30µA(Typ)/55µA(Max)
    — Continuous synchronous read current: 23mA (Typ)/28mA (Max) at 52MHz
■ Enhanced Security:
    — Absolute write protection: VPP = Vss
    — Power-transition erase/program lockout
    — Individual zero-latency block locking
    — Individual block lock-down capability
    — Password Access feature
    — One-Time Programmable Register:
    — 64 OTP bits, programmed with unique information by Numonyx
    — 2112 OTP bits, available for customer programming
■ Software:
    — 20µs (Typ) program suspend
    — 20µs (Typ) erase suspend
    — Basic Command Set and Extended Function Interface (EFI) Command Set compatible
    — Common Flash Interface capable
■ Density and Packaging:
    — 56-Lead TSOP (128-Mbit, 64-Mbit)
    — 64-Ball Easy BGA (128-Mbit, 64-Mbit)
    — 88-Ball QUAD+ Package (128-Mbit)
    — 16-bit wide data bus
■ Quality and Reliability:
    — JESD47E Compliant
    — Operating temperature: –40°C to +85°C
    — Minimum 100,000 erase cycles
    — 65nm process technology


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