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Part NameNTE1790 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
DescriptionIntegrated Circuit Video IF, Chroma Deflection
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The NTE1790 combines all the functions required for an NTSC color TV system on a 64–Lead DIP shrink type plastic package. This device is designed to have wide application capability, from a fundamental CTV application to a high–end MPX CTV with quasi–parallel SIF system, with minimal external parts and adjustments. A quasi–parallel SIF system assures buzz free sound reproduction.

PIF Section
• 3–Stage Variable Gain PIF Amplifier
• High Speed Peak AGC with Dual Time Constants
• Single End AFT Output with Defeat Function
• A Delayed RF AGC Output (Reverse AGC)
• Sync Positive Detected Video Output Polarity
• Internal Black/White Noise Inverter Quasi–Parallel Inter Carrier Detector
• 3–Stage Variable Gain Intercarrier IF Amplifier
• Independent Peak AGC
• Intercarrier Detector with 90 deg. Carrier Shifter

SIF Section:
• 3–Stage Limiter Amplifier
• Differential Peak Detector
• Separated Detector Output and Electronic Attenuater Input for Multiplex TV Sound Reception
• Excellent Electronic Attenuater
• Preamplifier with an NF Terminal

Video Section:
• 2nd Order Picture Sharpness (DC Control)
• Contrast Control with Uni–Color Function
• Brightness Control with Pedestal Clamping Circuit (Adjustable DC Restoration Ratio)
• Internal Vertical Blanking

Chroma Section:
• ACC Circuit
• Color Control Circuit
• Uni–Color Control Circuit
• Adjustment Free APC Circuit
• Tint Control Circuit With Sync Pulse Output
• Color Differential Outputs

Deflection Section:
• Excellent Sync Separator
• Adjustment Free Count Down System
• Stable Vertical Synchronization
• Saw–Tooth Type AFC
• Horizontal Pre–Driver
• X–Ray Protector
• Vertical Drive Amplifier


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