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Part NameTPS61170 Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
Description1.2-A High-Voltage Boost Converter in 2-mm x 2-mm2 QFN Package
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The TPS61170 is a monolithic, high-voltage switching regulator with integrated 1.2-A, 40-V power MOSFET. The device can be configured in several standard switching-regulator topologies, including boost and SEPIC. The device has a wide input-voltage range to support applications with input voltage from multicell batteries or regulated 5-V, 12-V power rails.
The TPS61170 operates at a 1.2-MHz switching frequency, allowing the use of low-profile inductors and low-value ceramic input and output capacitors. External loop compensation components give the user flexibility to optimize loop compensation and transient response. The device has built-in protection features, such as pulse-by-pulse overcurrent limit, soft start, and thermal shutdown.
The FB pin regulates to a reference voltage of 1.229 V. The reference voltage can be lowered using a 1-wire digital interface (Easyscale™ protocol) through the CTRL pin. Alternatively, a pulse width-modulation (PWM) signal can be applied to the CTRL pin. The duty cycle of the signal reduces the feedback reference voltage proportionally.
The TPS61170 is available in a 6-pin 2-mm × 2-mm QFN package, allowing a compact power-supply solution.

• 3-V to 18-V Input Voltage Range
• High Output Voltage: Up to 38 V
• 1.2-A Integrated Switch
• 1.2-MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
• 12 V at 300 mA and 24 V at 150 mA From 5-V
   Input (Typical)
• Up to 93% Efficiency
• On-The-Fly Output Voltage Reprogramming
• Skip-Switching Cycle for Output Regulation at
   Light Load
• Built-in Soft Start
• 6-Pin, 2-mm × 2-mm QFN Package

• 5-V to 12-V and 24-V, 12-V to 24-V Boost
• Buck Boost Regulation Using SEPIC Topology
• ADSL Modems


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