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ex) KSB1366Y amplifier fairchild


Part Name(s) : AP494D16 AP494D16A AP494ID16A AP494IS16 AP494IS16A AP494S16 AP494S16A AP494VD16 AP494VD16A AP494VS16 AP494VS16A Analog-Technology
Description : Voltage Mode PWM Controller

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Part Name(s) : AD9887 AD9887/PCB AD9887KS-100 AD9887KS-140 ADI
Description : Dual Interface for Flat Panel Displays

The AD9887 offers designers the flexibility of a dual analog and digital interface for flat panel displays (FPDs) on a single chip. Both interfaces are optimized for excellent image quality supporting
display resolutions up to SXGA (1280 ×1024 at 75 Hz). Either the analog or the digital interface can be selected by the user.

Analog Interface
140 MSPS Maximum Conversion Rate
330 MHz Analog Bandwidth
0.5 V to 1.0 V Analog Input Range
500 ps p-p PLL Clock Jitter at 140 MSPS
3.3 V Power Supply
Full Sync Processing
Midscale Clamp
4:2:2 Output Format Mode

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Part Name(s) : ATS276 ATS277 ATS276S ATS276SA ATS276IS ATS276ISA ATS277S ATS277SA ATS277IS ATS277ISA Analog-Technology
Description : Complementary Output Hall Effect Latch

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Part Name(s) : AD16312 Analog-Technology
Description : 1/4- TO 1/11-Duty VFD Controller / Driver

1/4- TO 1/11-Duty VFD Controller / Driver


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Part Name(s) : AP2101S24 AP2101S24A Analog-Technology
Description : Power-Housekeeping PWM Combo Controller

Power-Housekeeping PWM Combo Controller

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Part Name(s) : SAA7111 SAA7111H SAA7111WP Philips
Description : Video input processor (VIP).
• Four analog inputs, internal analog source selectors,
e.g. 4×CVBS or 2×Y/C or (1×Y/C and 2×CVBS)
• Two analog preprocessing channels
• Fully programmable static gain for the main channels or
automatic gain control for the selected CVBS or Y/C
• Switchable white peak control
• Two built-in analog anti-aliasing filters
• Two 8-bit video CMOS analog-to-digital converters
• On-chip clock generator
• Line-locked system clock frequencies
• Digital PLL for H-sync processing and clock generation
• Requires only one crystal (24.576 MHz) for all standards
• Horizontal and vertical sync detection
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Part Name(s) : AP1505 AP1505S AP1505S14 AP1505SA Analog-Technology
Description : Single-end Voltage Mode PWM Controller

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Part Name(s) : ATS266 ATS266IS4 ATS266IS4A ATS266S4 ATS266S4A Analog-Technology
Description : High Voltage Hall Effect Latch
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Part Name(s) : AP34063 AP34063N8 AP34063N8A AP34063S8 AP34063S8A Analog-Technology
Description : universal DC/DC converter
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Part Name(s) : ADG661 ADG661BRU ADG662 ADG662BRU ADG663 ADG663BRU ADI
Description : LC2MOS Precision 5 V Quad SPST Switches

The ADG661, ADG662 and ADG663 are monolithic CMOS devices comprising four independently selectable switches.
These switches feature low, well-controlled on resistance and wide analog signal range, making them ideal for precision analog signal switching.
They are fabricated using Analog Devices advanced linear compatible CMOS (LC2MOS) process, which offers benefits of low leakage currents, ultralow power dissipation and low capacitance for fast switching speeds with minimum charge injection.

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