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Part Name(s) : LA7930 SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : TUNNING System Controller View

TUNNING System Controller

Part Name(s) : LC8945 SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Protocol Controller View

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Protocol Controller

Part Name(s) : MCD212 Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : Video Decoder and System Controller (with JTAG) View

The Video Decoder and System Controller with JTAG (VDSC/JTAG) is a CMOS device integrating a 680X0 family System Controller and video graphics decoder, see Figure 1–1 below.
The MCD212 is a programmable, multi–scan video device that can function as either a master or a slave. It is functionally equivalent to the MCD211 with the addition of JTAG testing. The MCD212 is a drop–in replacement for the MCD211 if the JTAG functionality is not required. It can directly drive up to 5M bytes1 of memory and provides chip–select signals for System ROM and peripherals. The on–chip DRAM Controller can support up to 4M bytes DRAM and controls access to the unspecialized System or Video DRAM. The CPU can access any memory location, even during active video display lines, thereby boosting System performance.

System Interface:
• Direct Interface for 680X0 Bus Compatible Devices
• 1M Byte ROM Control
• 1K Byte I/O Control
• Reset Sequencer, Including ROM Shadowing
• Watchdog Timer

DRAM Interface:
• 4M Byte DRAM Direct Drive
• 256K x 4, 1M x 4, and 256K x 16 DRAM Types Can be Used

Video Interface:
• Up to 768 x 560 Screen Resolution
• Capability to Display Run–length Coded Files
• Mosaic Effect
• 256–entry Color Look Up Table (CLUT)
• Two Delta YUV Decoders
• Cursor Shape, Color, and Blink Control
• Overlaying of Four Video Planes
• Special Effects via Weight Control, Priority Control, etc.
• Dynamic Programmable Registers and CLUT Reload in Retrace Period
• Digital RGB Output (8 Bits per Component)
• Synchro Generator for 50 and 60 Hz Scan
• Synchronization with External Video

• CMOS Technology
• 160–pin Quad Flat Pack Plastic Package

Part Name(s) : RT9238 RT9238CS Richtek
Richtek Technology
Description : VRM8.5 PWM and Triple Linear Power System Controller View

General Description
The RT9238 is a 4-in-one power Controller optimized for high-performance microprocessor and computer applications. The IC integrates a PWM Controller, triple linear Controller as well as monitoring and protection functions into a 28-pin SOP package. The PWM Controller regulates the microprocessor core voltage with a synchronous buck converter. The first linear Controller supplies the computer System’s AGTL+ 1.2V bus power. The second linear Controller provides power for the 1.5V AGP bus and the 3rd linear Controller provides 1.8V power for the chipset core voltage and/or cache memory circuits.

• 4-in-one Regulated Voltages for Microprocessor Core, AGTL+ Bus, AGP Bus Power, and North/South Bridge Core
• Compatible with ISL6524
• Power-good Output Voltage Monitor

Switching section
• VRM8.5 TTL-Compatible 5-bit DAC Programmable from 1.090V to 1.865V
• ±1% DAC Accuracy
• Fast Transient Response
• VRM 8.5 Voltage Droop Tuning Uses MOSFET R DS(ON)
• Fixed 200KHz Switching Frequency
• Adaptive Non-overlapping Gate Driver
• Over-current Monitor Uses MOSFET RDS(ON)
• Over-voltage Protection Uses Lower MOSFET

Linear Section
• Fixed or User-adjustable Linear Regulator Output Voltage
• MOSFET and NPN Driving Capability
• Ultra Fast Response Speed
• Under-voltage Protection
• Internal Thermal Shutdown

• Motherboard Power Regulation for Computers

Part Name(s) : DS1670 DS1670E DS1670S Dallas
Dallas Semiconductor -> Maxim Integrated
Description : Portable System Controller View

The Portable System Controller is a circuit, which incorporates many of the functions necessary for low power portable products integrated into one chip. The DS1670 provides a Real Time Clock, NV RAM Controller, microprocessor monitor, and a 3-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter. Communication with the DS1670 is established through a simple 3-wire interface.

■ Provides real time clock:
    − Counts seconds, minutes, hours, date of the month, month, day of the week, and year with leap year compensation valid up to 2100
    − Power control circuitry supports System power-on from day/time alarm
■ Microprocessor monitor:
    − Halts microprocessor during power fail
    − Automatically restarts microprocessor after power failure
    − Monitors pushbutton for external override
    − Halts and resets an out of control microprocessor
■ NV RAM control:
    − Automatic battery backup and write protection to external SRAM
■ 3-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
■ Simple 3-wire interface
■ 3.3V operation

Part Name(s) : AWC86S AWC86C AWC86 AWC86A AWC86AC AWC86AS Xecom
Description : Micro-Controller incorporates Web-Enabled, Real-time Operating System View

The Slim-Link family of Web Server-Controller products provides the ideal core technology for Internet enabled instruments and control Systems. The Slim-Link Web Server Controllers are based on a 40 MHz AMD186ES microController and feature MicroRTOS, a web enabled, real-time operating System developed spedifically for control System applications. MicroRTOS is embedded into each Slim-Link Web Server-Controller product with no additional cost or licensing fees.

Controller FEATURES
* Fully integrated microController based on a 40 MHz AM186 Processor.
* 34 I/O function pins software selectable and configurable;
    - Two serial ports (RS232-TTL)
    - Eight 12-bit analog inputs; Two 12-bit analog outputs
    - Digital I/O, Timers, IRQs
* 512KByte Flash memory for user application code, Web page layouts and control data;
* 512KByte SRAM for run time code and data buffering
* Development kits available

* Multi-User, Multi-Task, Real-time Operation
* Preemptive real-time kernel for multi-tasking applications
* TCP/IP Stack supported by Ethernet datalink/physical layer
* Multi-user console tasks provides a user development and application platform

* Compatible with Borland Turbo C++ versions 3.0, 3.1, 4.5 and 4.52 and Microsoft Visual C++ Versions 1.0 to 1.52.

* Small size: 2.75" L x 1.38" W x 0.42” H
* Sturdy, encapsulated construction seals circuits from harsh environment;
* Industrial temperature range available (-40C to +85C)

Part Name(s) : M82380 M82380-16 M82380-20 M82380-25 MK82380 TA82380 TK82380 Intel

The M82380 is a multi-function support peripheral that integrates System functions necessary in an i386 processor environment. It has eight channels of high performance 32-bit DMA with the most efficient transfer rates possible on the i386 microprocessor bus. System support peripherals integrated into the M82380 provide Interrupt Control, Timers, Wait State generation, DRAM Refresh Control, and System Reset logic.
The M82380’s DMA Controller can transfer data between devices of different data path widths using a single channel. Each DMA channel operates independently in any of several modes. Each channel has a temporary data storage register for handling non-aligned data without the need for external alignment logic.

■ High Performance 32-Bit DMA Controller
    — 40 Mbytes/sec Maximum Data Transfer Rate at 20 MHz
    — 8 Independently Programmable Channels
■ 20-Source Interrupt Controller
    — Individually Programmable Interrupt Vectors
    — 15 External, 5 Internal Interrupts
    — M8259A Superset
■ Four 16-Bit Programmable Interval Timers
    — M82C54 Compatible
■ Programmable Wait State Generator
    — 0 to 15 Wait States Pipelined
    — 1 to 16 Wait States Non-Pipelined
■ DRAM Refresh Controller
■ i386TM Processor Shutdown Detect and Reset Control
    — Software/Hardware Reset
■ High Speed CHMOS III Technology
■ 132-Pin PGA Package and 164-Pin Quad Flat Pack (See Packaging Specification Order Ý 231369)
■ Optimized for use with the i386TM Microprocessor
    — Resides on Local Bus for Maximum Bus Bandwidth
■ Available in Three Product Grades:
    — MIL-STD-883, -55°C to +125°C (TC)
    — Military Temperature Only, -55°C to +125°C (TC)
    — Extended Temperature, -40°C to +110°C (TC)

Part Name(s) : PM8172 PMC-Sierra
Description : PM8172 System Controller View

The PM8172 System Controller is ideal for various designs of advanced set-top boxes, DVD players, game stations, and Internet terminal appliances. The PM8172 interfaces to PMC-Sierra’s RM5231A, RM7035C and RM7935 MIPS RISC processors.

• Connects to PMC-Sierra’s RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 64-bit MIPS RISC microprocessors.
• Supports CPU bus frequencies up to 100 MHz.

SDRAM Controller
• 32-bit data bus interface.
• Supports two banks of SDRAM, up to 128 Mbytes in size.
• Provides a deep buffer for CPU to SDRAM burst transfers and for PCI to SDRAM burst transfers.
• Supports bus frequencies up to 100 MHz.

• Supports Flash memory area up to 64 Mbytes, with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit data access capability.
• Supports a ROM area size up to 4 Mbytes, with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit data access capability.
• Supports a maximum of 12 chip-select signals.
• Shared with a 68K-like peripheral bus.

• Provides a 68K-like bus interface.
• Does not require an external latch for addressing.
• Provides an 8-bit and 16-bit data bus interface.
• Shared with the Flash/ROM interface.
• Supports up to four DMA channels.
• Provides cycle posting to avoid performance hits from slower devices.

PCI BUS Controller
• Provides CPU to PCI buffers for burst

• Provides a PCI arbiter that supports up
to five individual bus master devices.
• Supports 33 MHz bus frequency.
• Provides a 32-bit data bus interface.

INTERRUPT Controller
• Supports a maskable interrupt to the CPU and a non-maskable interrupt to the CPU for severe events.
• The priority order of interrupt request lines can be assigned by software.
• Module interrupts can be masked on/off independently by setting the corresponding mask registers.

DMA Controller
• Supports four channel requests for LPC or ECP DMA mode data transfers.
• Supports PCI bus master accessing to the SDRAM.

• Supports four independent software DMA channels for transferring data between SDRAM and PCI devices.
• Supports chaining and non-chaining modes.
• Supports rotating and fixed priority types. (Continue..)


Part Name(s) : SL70D0948 System-Logic
System Logic Semiconductor
Description : 48 OUTPUT LED DRIVER / 9 BIT PWM Controller View

The SL70D0948 is LED driver / Controller IC for LED display panel. This is consisted of 48 channel LED driver , 9Bit PWM Controller and 48 bit shift register. Also it is very convenient to application because all display data can transfer by serial method.

Driver Output Circuits
    - 48 LED Driver Outputs : N-ch Open Drain MOS Transistor Output
    - LED Driving Voltage : Max. 16V (When Transistor Off)
    - LED Driving Current : Max. 90mA
    - LED Driving Current Control
    - Outputs are 9bit PWM controlled
Data Interface
    - 48bit Shift Register for 9bit data input
    - 9bit parallel data format selectable
PWM Controller
    - 9bit PWM control ( 512 Gray scale )
    - 3bit Brightness / 4bit Brightness input selectable
Package Type
    - 100 pin MQFP

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