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Match, Like WS-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K (2) Records
Start with WS-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-*~ WS-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3*~ 
End ~*S-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K ~*-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K ~*2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K ~*B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K ~*-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K 
Included ~*WS-2*~ ~*WS-*~ ~*S-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K*~ ~*-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K*~ ~*2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K*~ ~*B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K*~ ~*-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K*~ 
Part Number :
Manufacturer Part no Description View
WS-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K WS Series Hot-Molded Carbon Composition Potentiometer

other parts : WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-3-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-3-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-5-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-5-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-3-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-3-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-5-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-5-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-20ZS-3-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-20ZS-3-M  
WS-2B-0.25-82K-16ZS-3-K WS Series Hot-Molded Carbon Composition Potentiometer

other parts : WS-2A-0.25-47K-16ZS-3-K  WS-2A-0.25-6K5-16ZS-3-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-3-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-3-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-5-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-12ZS-5-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-3-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-3-M  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-5-K  WS-2A-0.5-100-16ZS-5-M  


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