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XRT7295AE_00[DS3/Sonet STS-1 Integrated Line Receiver]

other part :XRT7295AEIW_00  

The XRT7295AE DS3/SONET STS-1 integrated line receiver is a fully integrated receive interface that terminates a bipolar DS3 (44.736Mbps) or Sonet STS-1 (51.84Mbps) signal transmitted over coaxial cable. (See Figure 13).
The device also provides the functions of receive equalization (optional), automatic-gain control (AGC), clock-recovery and data retiming, loss-of-signal and loss-of-frequency-lock detection. The digital system interface is dual-rail, with received positive and negative 1s appearing as unipolar digital signals on separate output leads. The on-chip equalizer is designed for cable distances of 0 to 450ft. from the cross-connect frame to the device. The receive input has a variable input sensitivity control, providing three different sensitivity settings, to adapt longer cables. High input sensitivity allows for significant amounts of flat loss within the system. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of the device.
The XRT7295AE device is manufactured using linear CMOS technology. The XRT7295AE is available in a 20-pin plastic SOJ package for surface mounting. Two versions of the chip are available, one is for either DS3 or STS-1 operation (the XRT7295AE, this data sheet), and the other is for E3 operation (the XRT7295AT, refer to the XRT7295AT data sheet). Both versions are pin compatible.
For either DS3 or STS-1, an input reference clock at 44.736MHz or 51.84MHz provides the frequency reference for the device.

● Fully Integrated Receive Interface for DS3 and STS-1 Rate Signals
● Integrated Equalization (Optional) and Timing Recovery
● Loss-of-Signal and Loss-of-Lock Alarms
● Variable Input Sensitivity Control
● 5V Power Supply
● Pin Compatible with XRT7295AT
● Companion Device to T7296 Transmitter

● Interface to DS-3 Networks
● Digital Cross-Connect Systems
● CSU/DSU Equipment
● PCM Test Equipment
● Fiber Optic Terminals

Exar Corporation


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