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222AT[Optocoupler, Photodarlington Output, Low Input Current, High Gain, with Base Connection]

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The IL221AT/IL222AT/IL223AT is a high current transfer ratio (CTR) optocoupler with a gallium arsenide infrared LED emitter and a silicon NPN photodarlington transistor detector.
The device has a CTR tested at 1.0 mA LED current. This low drive current permits easy interfacing from CMOS to LSTTL or TTL.
This optocoupler is constructed in a standard SOIC-8 foot print which makes it ideally suited for high density applications. In addition to eliminating through-hole requirements, this package conforms to standards for surface mount devices.

• Isolation test voltage, 4000 VRMS
• Industry standard SOIC-8 surface mountable
• Standard lead spacing, 0.05"
• Available only on tape and reel (conforms to
   EIA standard RS481A)
• Compatible with dual wave, vapor phase and IR reflow
• Lead (Pb)-free component
• Component in accordance to RoHS 2002/95/EC and
   WEEE 2002/96/EC

Vishay Semiconductors


222A121-100/184-0[Cable Boots]

TE Connectivity


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