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Start with C515*~ C51*~ 5157*~ 
End ~*C5157 ~*C515 ~*C51 ~*5157 
Included ~*C5157*~ ~*C515*~ ~*C51*~ ~*5157*~ 
Part Number :
Manufacturer Part no Description View
MIC5157 Super LDO™ Regulator Controller

other parts : MIC5156  MIC5156-3.3BM  MIC5156-3.3BN  MIC5156-3.3YM  MIC5156-3.3YN  MIC5156-5.0BM  MIC5156-5.0BN  MIC5156-5.0YM  MIC5156-5.0YN  MIC5156BM  
2SC5157 Transistors (Selection Guide by Applications and Functions)

other parts : 2SA1495  2SA1498  2SA1499  2SA1500  2SA1501  2SA1550  2SA1614  2SB1498  2SB1632  2SC1680  


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