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Start with D37*~ 
End ~*37-12IO1 ~*7-12IO1 ~*-12IO1 ~*12IO1 ~*2IO1 
Included ~*D37-12IO1*~ ~*D37-12IO*~ ~*D37-12I*~ ~*D37-12*~ ~*D37-1*~ ~*37-12IO1*~ ~*7-12IO1*~ ~*-12IO1*~ ~*12IO1*~ ~*2IO1*~ 
Part Number :
Manufacturer Part no Description View
VHFD37-12IO1 Half Controlled Single Phase Rectifier Bridge Including Freewheeling Diode and Field Diodes

other parts : VHFD37  VHFD37-08IO1  VHFD37-14IO1  VHFD37-16IO1  


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