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Start with N54*~ 
End ~*54HC191-DIE ~*4HC191-DIE ~*HC191-DIE ~*C191-DIE ~*191-DIE 
Included ~*N54HC191-DIE*~ ~*N54HC191-DI*~ ~*N54HC191-D*~ ~*N54HC191-*~ ~*N54HC191*~ ~*54HC191-DIE*~ ~*4HC191-DIE*~ ~*HC191-DIE*~ ~*C191-DIE*~ ~*191-DIE*~ 
Part Number :
Manufacturer Part no Description View
SN54HC191-DIE SN54HC191-DIE 4-Bit Synchronous Up/Down Binary Counter

other parts : SN54HC191TDE1  SN54HC191TDE2  


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