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  2008   2013  
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DATELs new ACA-20PC Series are the fi rst digital ac ammeters to incorporate on-board current transformers (CT’s), and they are amazingly easy to use. Simply pass the current-carrying load wire through the ACA-20PC’s on-board CT, apply power to the meters two supply terminals, and you’re instantly measuring ac currents over one of four ranges (0-2A with 1mA resolu tion, 0-20A with 10mA resolution, or 0-50A and 0-100A with 100mA resolution). Absolutely no external components, such as expensive low-value shunts or 5A "donut" CT’s, are required.
Meters are ac powered (120/220Vac @ 50/60Hz) or dc powered (+5-40V) and imposeminimal loads (50mA max. and 120mA max., respectively) on their supplies. All models employ auto-zeroing circuits, precision bandgap references, and super stable thin-fi lm resistors for unsurpassed accuracy (±0.15%FS) and stability.

■ Built-in Current Transformers for direct measurement of 0 to 2/20/50/100 Amps
■ Functionally complete:
   On-board current transformers
   Scaling/interface circuitry
   Precision A/D converters
   Bright red LED displays
■ 8 different models
■ Subminiature, 1.38" x 0.88" package
■ Easy-to-read, 0.37"/9.4mm digits
■ AC powered models 85-264Vac @ 50/60Hz
■ "Self-powered" 85-264Vac, 2A and 20A models feature built-in load connections
■ +5-40V dc powered models
■ 2000V isolation; approvals to UL/cUL/IEC/61010-1


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