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The AD8225 is an instrumentation amplifier with a fixed gain of 5, which sets new standards of performance. The superior CMRR of the AD8225 enables rejection of high frequency common-mode voltage (80 dB Min @ 10 kHz). As a result, higher ambient levels of noise from utility lines, industrial equipment, and other radiating sources are rejected. Extended CMV range enables the AD8225 to extract low level differential signals in the presence of high common-mode dc voltage levels even at low supply voltages.

   No External Components Required
   Highly Stable, Factory Trimmed Gain of 5
   Low Power, 1.2 mA Max Supply Current
   Wide Power Supply Range (±1.7 V to ±18 V)
   Single- and Dual-Supply Operation
   Excellent Dynamic Performance
      High CMRR
         86 dB Min @ DC
         80 dB Min to 10 kHz
      Wide Bandwidth
         900 kHz
         4 V to 36 V Single Supply
      High Slew Rate
         5 V/μs Min
   Outstanding DC Precision
      Low Gain Drift
         5 ppm/°C Max
      Low Input Offset Voltage
         150 μV Max
      Low Offset Drift
         2 μV/°C Max
      Low Input Bias Current
         1.2 nA Max

   Patient Monitors
   Current Transmitters
   Multiplexed Systems
   4 to 20 mA Converters
   Bridge Transducers
   Sensor Signal Conditioning


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