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ADG511TQ4 Datasheet PDF - Analog Devices

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
ADG511TQ4 LC2MOS Precision 5 V/3 V Quad SPST Switches ADI
Analog Devices ADI
Other PDF  no available.
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The ADG511, ADG512 and ADG513 are monolithic CMOS ICs containing four independently selectable analog switches. These switches feature low, well-controlled on resistance and wide analog signal range, making them ideal for precision analog signal switching.
These switch arrays are fabricated using Analog Devices’ advanced linear compatible CMOS (LC2MOS) process which offers the additional benefits of low leakage currents, ultralow power dissipation and low capacitance for fast switching speeds with minimum charge injection. These features make the ADG511, ADG512 and ADG513 the optimum choice for a wide variety of signal switching tasks in precision analog signal processing and data acquisition systems.

+3 V, +5 V or ±5 V Power Supplies
Ultralow Power Dissipation (<0.5 W)
Low Leakage (<100 pA)
Low On Resistance (<50 ㎼)
Fast Switching Times
Low Charge Injection
TTL/CMOS Compatible
16-Lead DIP or SOIC Package

Battery-Powered Instruments
Single Supply Systems
Remote Powered Equipment
5 V Supply Systems
Computer Peripherals such as Disk Drives
Precision Instrumentation
Audio and Video Switching
Automatic Test Equipment
Precision Data Acquisition
Sample Hold Systems
Communication Systems
Compatible with 5 V Supply DACs and ADCs such as AD7840/AD7848, AD7870/AD7871/AD7872/AD7874/ AD7875/AD7876/AD7878


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