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General Description
AMI Semiconductor’s AMIS-720658 (PI6058) contact image sensor (CIS) is a selectable 600 or 300 dot per inch (dpi) resolution linear image sensor, which employs AMI Semiconductor’s proprietary CMOS image sensing technology. The sensor contains an on-chip output amplifier, power down circuitry and parallel transfer features that are uniquely combined with the present-day active-pixel-sensor technology. The image sensors are designed to be cascaded end-to-end on a printed circuit board (PCB) and packaged in an image sensing module. Applications for the sensor array include facsimiles, PC scanners, check readers, and office automation equipment.
Figure 1 is a block diagram of the sensor. Each sensor consists of 344 active pixels, their associated multiplexing switches, buffers and an output amplifier circuit with a power down feature. The sensors pixel-pixel spacing is approximately 42.3µm. The size of each sensor without the scribe lines is 14560µm by 335µm.

Key Features
• 600 and 300dpi selectable resolutions
• 344 or 172 image sensor elements (pixels)
• 42.3µm (600dpi) pixel center-to-center spacing
• On-chip amplifier
• Single 3.3V power supply
• 3.3V input clocks and control signals
• 4.0MHz maximum pixel rate
• Parallel / integrate and transfer
• Power-down circuit
• High sensitivity
• Low power
• Low noise



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