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HMC707LP5 Datasheet PDF - Hittite Microwave

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General Description
the HmC707lp5(e) is a digitally controlled variable gain amplifier which operates from 700 mHz to 1200 mHz, and can be programmed to provide between -2.5 db attenuation and 29 db of gain, in 0.5 db steps. the HmC707lp5(e) delivers noise figure of 0.8 db in its maximum gain state, with output ip3 of up to +38 dbm. the dual mode gain control interface accepts either three wire serial input or 6-bit parallel word. the HmC707lp5(e) also features a user selectable power up state and a serial output for cascading other Hittite serially controlled components. for 1900 mHz applications please refer to the HmC708lp5(e) data sheet.

   -2.5 to +29 db gain Control in 0.5 db steps
   power-up state selection
   High Output ip3: +38 dbm
   low noise figure: 0.8 db
   ttl/CmOs Compatible
      serial, parallel, or latched parallel Control
   ±0.25 db typical step error
   single +3V and +5V supply
   32 lead 5x5mm smt package: 25mm2

Typical Applications
the HmC707lp5(e) is ideal for:
• Cellular infrastructure
• Wibro, WimaX and lte/4g
• microwave radio & Vsat
• test equipment and sensors
• if & rf applications


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