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HT7A6003 is an advanced, highly integration OffLine PWM Controller. This device provides many protection functions with ultra low power circuit design, and is optimized for restraining EMI. By integrated a Non-Audible Noise Green Mode Control Scheme and optimizing for the Energy Star 5.0 spec., the Power Supply Unit (PSU) implemented using the HT7A6003 can satisfy the “Energy Star NoLoad Mode” Stand-by Power standard, which is less than 0.3W within all Nameplate Output Power Range of 0~250W. This device also integrated various protection functions such as Short-Circuit Protection (SCP, which can also be used for Over-Load Protection, OLP), Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting, Over Voltage Protection (OVP), and Soft-Start function for reducing inrush current during system initialization and preventing device burn-out.
The HT7A6003 also integrates Leading-Edge Blanking and Slope Compensation for minimizing external components cost and system complexity.

• Frequency jitter for restraining EMI
• Integrated Soft-Start function
• Very low operating current and start-up current (<20mA) for satisfying Energy-Star 5.0 "No-Load Mode" (Stand-by) power standard
• ±5% trimmed oscillator for precise frequency
• Programmable switching frequency
• Non-audible-noise Green Mode Control
• LEB (Leading-Edge Blanking) on CS pin
• Internal slope compensation
• Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting
• Short-Circuit-Protection(SCP) for Short-Circuit and Over-Load condition
• Over-Voltage-Protection(OVP) on VCC Pin
• 8-Pin SOP package

• Switching AC-DC adaptor
• Open frames switching power supply


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