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The IDT72V805/72V815/72V825/72V835/72V845 are dual 18-bit-wide synchronous (clocked) First-in, First-out (FIFO) memories designed to run off a 3.3V supply for exceptionally low power consumption. One dual IDT72V805/72V815/72V825/72V835/72V845 device is functionally equivalent to two IDT72V205/72V215/72V225/72V235/72V245 FIFOs in a single package with all associated control, data, and flag lines assigned to independent pins. These devices are very high-speed, low-power First-In, First-Out (FIFO) memories with clocked read and write controls.

• The IDT72V805 is equivalent to two IDT72V205 256 x 18 FIFOs
• The IDT72V815 is equivalent to two IDT72V215 512 x 18 FIFOs
• The IDT72V825 is equivalent to two IDT72V225 1,024 x 18 FIFOs
• The IDT72V835 is equivalent to two IDT72V235 2,048 x 18 FIFOs
• The IDT72V845 is equivalent to two IDT72V245 4,096 x 18 FIFOs
• Offers optimal combination of large capacity (8K), high speed, design flexibility, and small footprint
• Ideal for the following applications:
   – Network switching
   – Two level prioritization of parallel data
   – Bidirectional data transfer
   – Bus-matching between 18-bit and 36-bit data paths
   – Width expansion to 36-bit per package
   – Depth expansion to 8,192 words per package
• 10 ns read/write cycle time
• 5V input tolerant
• IDT Standard or First Word Fall Through timing
• Single or double register-buffered Empty and Full Flags
• Easily expandable in depth and width
• Asynchronous or coincident Read and Write Clocks
• Asynchronous or synchronous programmable Almost-Empty and Almost-Full flags with default settings
• Half-Full flag capability
• Output enable puts output data bus in high-impedance state
• High-performance submicron CMOS technology
• Available in a 128-pin thin quad flatpack (TQFP)
• Industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C) is available


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