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The LTC1051/LTC1053 are high performance, low cost dual/quad zero-drift operational amplifiers. The unique achievement of the LTC1051/LTC1053 is that they integrate on chip the sample-and-hold capacitors usually required externally by other chopper amplifiers. Further, the LTC1051/LTC1053 offer better combined overall DC and AC performance than is available from other chopper stabilized amplifiers with or without internal sample/hold capacitors.

■ Dual/Quad Low Cost Precision Op Amp
■ No External Components Required
■ Maximum Offset Voltage: 5µV
■ Maximum Offset Voltage Drift: 0.05µV/°C
■ Low Noise 1.5µVP-P (0.1Hz to 10Hz)
■ Minimum Voltage Gain: 120dB
■ Minimum PSRR: 120dB
■ Minimum CMRR: 114dB
■ Low Supply Current: 1mA/Op Amp
■ Single Supply Operation: 4.75V to 16V
■ Input Common Mode Range Includes Ground
■ Output Swings to Ground
■ Typical Overload Recovery Time: 3ms
■ Pin Compatible with Industry Standard Dual and Quad Op Amps

■ Thermocouple Amplifiers
■ Electronic Scales
■ Medical Instrumentation
■ Strain Gauge Amplifiers
■ High Resolution Data Acquisition
■ DC Accurate R, C Active Filters


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