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General Description
The MAX11044/MAX11044B/MAX11045/MAX11045B/MAX11046/MAX11046B 16-bit and MAX11054/MAX11055/MAX11056 14-bit ADCs offer 4, 6, or 8 independent input channels. Featuring independent track and hold (T/H) and SAR circuitry, these parts provide simultaneous sampling at 250ksps for each channel.

♦ 16-Bit ADC (MAX11044/MAX11044B/MAX11045/MAX11045B/MAX11046/MAX11046B) and 14-Bit ADC (MAX11054/MAX11055/MAX11056) 8-Channel ADC (MAX11046/MAX11046B/MAX11056) 6-Channel ADC (MAX11045/MAX11045B/MAX11055) 4-Channel ADC (MAX11044/MAX11044B/MAX11054)
♦ Single Analog and Digital Supply
♦ High-Impedance Inputs Up to 1GΩ
♦ On-Chip T/H Circuit for Each Channel
♦ Fast 3µs Conversion Time
♦ High Throughput: 250ksps for Each Channel
♦ 16-Bit/14-Bit, High-Speed, Parallel Interface
♦ Internal Clocked Conversions
♦ 10ns Aperture Delay
♦ 100ps Channel-to-Channel T/H Matching
♦ Low Drift, Accurate 4.096V Internal Reference Providing an Input Range of ±5V
♦ External Reference Range of 3.0V to 4.25V, Allowing Full-Scale Input Ranges of ±4.0V to ±5.2V
♦ 56-Pin (8mm x 8mm) TQFN and 64-Pin (10mm x 10mm) TQFP Packages
♦ Evaluation Kit Available

    Automatic Test Equipment
    Power-Factor Monitoring and Correction
    Power-Grid Protection
    Multiphase Motor Control
    Vibration and Waveform Analysis


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