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General Description
The MAX8845Z/MAX8845Y/MAX8845X/MAX8845W are intelligent, stand-alone constant-current, constant-voltage (CCCV), thermally regulated linear chargers designed for charging a single-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery. The MAX8845Z/MAX8845Y/MAX8845X/MAX8845W integrate a current-sense circuit, MOSFET pass element, thermal-regulation circuitry, and eliminate the external reverse-blocking Schottky diode to create the simplest and smallest charging solutions for handheld equipment.

♦ CCCV, Thermally Regulated Linear 1-Cell Li+ Battery Charger
♦ No External MOSFET, Reverse Blocking Diode, or Current-Sense Resistor
♦ Programmable Fast-Charge Currents (1ARMS max)
♦ Programmable Top-Off Current Threshold (MIN)
♦ Input Overvoltage Protected 4.7V Output (MAX8845Z/MAX8845Y/MAX8845W) or 4.85V (MAX8845X) (SAFEOUT)
♦ Proprietary Die Temperature Regulation Control (+115°C)
♦ 4.25V (4.4V for MAX8845W only) to 28V Input Voltage Range with Input Overvoltage Protection Above +7.5V (+8.0V for MAX8845X only)
♦ Low-Dropout Voltage (300mV at 500mA)
♦ Input Power-Source Detection Output (POK), Charge Status Output (CHG), Charge-Enable Input (EN)
♦ Output for Autobooting (ABO—MAX8845Z, ABO—MAX8845Y/MAX8845X/MAX8845W)
♦ Tiny, 3mm x 3mm 12-Pin Thin QFN Package, 0.8mm Height (max)

   Cellular and Cordless Phones
   Smart Phones and PDAs
   Digital Still Cameras
   MP3 Players
   USB Appliances
   Charging Cradles and Docks
   Bluetooth® Equipment


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