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General Description
The MAX8885 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator operates from a +2.5V to +6.5V input voltage range and delivers up to 150mA. It uses a P-channel MOSFET pass transistor to allow a low 85µA supply current—which is independent of the load—as well as LDO voltage. The MAX8885 is optimized to operate with low-cost, high-ESR output capacitors such as small case-size tantalum capacitors. It is ideal for cost-sensitive portable equipment such as PCS and cellular phones. For a pin-compatible, functionally equivalent device for use with a low-ESR, ceramic output capacitor, refer to the MAX8875 data sheet.

♦ Optimized for Low-Cost Tantalum Capacitors
♦ Pin Compatible with MIC5206
♦ Undervoltage Power-OK Output
♦ Preset Output Voltages (±1% accuracy)
♦ Guaranteed 150mA Output Current
♦ 85µA No-Load Supply Current
♦ Low 110mV Dropout at 100mA Load (165mV at 150mA load)
♦ Thermal-Overload and Short-Circuit Protection
♦ Reverse-Battery Protection
♦ 60dB PSRR at 100Hz
♦ 1µA max Shutdown Current

   PCS Phones
   Cellular Phones
   Hand-Held Instruments
   Cordless Phones
   Palmtop Computers
   PCMCIA Cards
   Electronic Planners


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