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General Description
The MAX8901A/MAX8901B step-up converters drive from two to six series-connected white LEDs (WLEDs) with constant current to provide uniform WLED intensity for LCD backlighting in cell phones, PDAs, and other handheld devices. The MAX8901_ operate at a fixed 750kHz (typ) switching frequency, allowing for tiny external components, and are optimized for the highest possible efficiency over the full 1-cell Li+/Li-Poly battery range.

Benefits and Features
• Cost-Effective and Flexible Solution for Wide Range of Backlighting Applications
   • Supplies from 2 to 6 WLEDs with 1.3% LED Current Accuracy
   • 2.6V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
   • Fixed-Frequency Operation
   • Flexible Dimming Control
   • Direct PWM Dimming (MAX8901A)
   • 32-Step, Single-Wire Serial Dimming (MAX8901B)
• Protection Features Improve System Reliability
   • WLED Overvoltage Protection (25V typ)
   • Internal Soft-Start and Thermal Shutdown
   • Input Undervoltage Lockout
   • Input Overvoltage Lockout
• High Efficiency Extends Battery Life
   • Up to 91% Efficiency
   • 0.01µA (typ) Shutdown Current
   • No WLED Current in Shutdown
• 8-Pin, 2mm x 2mm TDFN Package Saves Space

   Display Backlight (from 2 to 6 WLEDs)
   Cellular Phones
   PDAs and Smartphones
   MP3 and Portable Media Players
   Portable Navigation Devices
   Digital Cameras


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