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General Description
The MAX9921 provides a single chip solution to interface two 2-wire Hall-effect sensors to a low-voltage microprocessor (µP). This device supplies and monitors the current drawn by two Hall-effect sensors, filters the sensed current level, and outputs the corresponding logic level.

♦ Withstands 60V at BAT Supply and Hall Inputs
♦ 6V to 18V Operating Voltage Range
♦ Provides Supply Current and Interfaces to Two 2-Wire Hall Sensors
♦ Error Output with Diagnostics of Hall Inputs and BAT Voltage
♦ Protects Hall Sensors from Overvoltage by Isolating Them from Supply Transients
♦ Hall Inputs Protected from Short to Ground
♦ Ramps Current to Hall Sensors at 4mA/µs
♦ Output Enable Input Allows Multiplexing of Outputs from Multiple MAX9921s
♦ Hall Output Filtering
♦ Hall Sensor Blanking Following Hall Sensor Power-Up or Restart
♦ Low-Power Shutdown, Controlled with OE and DIAG Inputs
♦ Operates with ±2V Ground Shifts Between Hall Sensor and MAX9921

   Door Modules
   Window Lifters
   Seat Movers
   Electric Sunroofs
   Powered Lift Gate Controllers
   Powered Running Boards
   Seatbelt Buckles


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