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Chassis Mounted Precision Power Film Resistors with Center Screw Mounting

Type MP Chassis Mounted Power Film Resistors are made with Micronox® resistance films fired onto a ceramic substrate which is thermally bonded to an anodized aluminum base. By mounting this assembly directly to a metal surface for improved heat transfer, the high power capabilities of these unique resistors can provide increased packaging densities in many types of electronic equipment.

The special performance features of these Type MP Chassis Mounted Power Film Resistors include:

• Two case sizes that provide 15 Watt and 30 Watt ratings.
• Operation up to 275°C.
• Single screw mounting to simplify attachment to the chassis or other heat conducting surface.
• A molded silicone case that encapsulates the resistor assembly to meet stringent environmental specifications.
• Extended life stability better than 0.01% per 1,000 hours has been demonstrated through a 51/2 year, 50,000 hour program of continuous load life testing.


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