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The MSM6665-xx is a dot-matrix LCD control driver which has functions of displaying characters, cursor and arbitrators.

• Logic supply voltage : 2.5 to 5.5 V
• LCD driving voltage : 3.0 to 6.0 V
• Serial interface
• Contains a 17-dot common driver and an 80-dot segment driver
• Contains ROM with character fonts of (5 x 7 dot) x 256
• Built-in RC oscillator circuit
• Provided with 80-dot arbitrators
• Switchable between 1/9 duty (1 line; characters + cursor + arbitrator) and 1/17 duty (2 lines; characters + cursor, 1 line; arbitrator)
• Character blink operation can be switched between all-characters lighting-on mode and allcharacters lighting-off mode
• Arbitrator blink operation can be switched between 5-dot unit mode and 1-dot unit mode
• Package options:
    128-pin plastic QFP (QFP128-P-1420-0.50-K) (Product name: MSM6665-01GS-K)
    Al pad chip (Product name: MSM6665-xx) xx indicates code number.


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