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The NE/SA5751 is a high performance low power CMOS audio signal processing system. The NE/SA5751 subsystems include complementary transmit/receive voice band (300-3000Hz), switched capacitor bandpass filters with pre-emphasis and de-emphasis respectively, a transmit low pass filter, peak deviation limiter for transmit, a digitally controlled volume control with 30dB range (in 2dB steps), audio path mute switches, a programmable DTMF generator, power- down circuitry for low current standby, power-on reset capability, and an I2C interface. When the SA5751 is used with an SA5750 (companding function), the complete audio processing system of an AMPs or TACs cellular telephone is easily implemented.

• Low power
• High performance
• 5V supply
• Built-in programmable DTMF generator
• Built-in digitally controlled volume control
• Built-in peak-deviation limit
• I2C Bus controlled
• Power-on reset
• Power-down capability

• Very compact application
• Long battery life in portable equipment
• Complete cellular audio function with the SA5750

• Cellular radio
• Mobile communications
• High performance cordless telephones
• 2-way radio


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