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Precision Pulse Control

The PCO-6131 is a compact, OEM-style high power pulsed current source designed to drive diode lasers, bars and arrays in pulsed, QCW or CW modes. It delivers output current variable from 1 A to 125 A, pulse widths variable from <100 ns to DC, and pulse repetition frequencies variable from single-shot to 500 KHz at duty cycles up to 100%.
The PCO-6131 features a user-adjustable variable rise time control. This innovative feature allows the user to adjust the rise time within a range of <30 ns to >2.5 µs by means of a PCBmounted potentiometer, to optimize the driver’s rise time for the user’s application.

The PCO-6131 is based on a hysteretic, average current, switch-mode regulator. This type of regulator is a variable frequency, variable pulse width design which maintains current in an energy storage inductor between a minimum and maximum level. The ripple is limited to the minimum and maximum current determined by the hysteretic controller. The regulator is started when the TTL "enable" line is taken high and runs as long as the enable is high. The use of the hysteretic regulator provides a large input range and high efficiency.

A shunting switch shorts the output of the regulator until output current is needed. The pulse is generated by opening the shunt switch for the length of the input pulse. The pulse rise and fall times are then limited only by the stray/parasitic capacitance and inductance of the shunting switch and output leads.


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