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• No reference voltage adjustment resistor is needed with higher accurate built-in circuit (+/-1.6%) than previous products (+/-2%).
• No margin for inductor design is needed with higher accuracy of detect level of the built-in over current protection circuit. (Previously, the margin can not be omitted for its lower accuracy)
• Prevention of “coil vibration” at starting-up or over current period by the function of power limiter. (Previously, it’s not supported)
• The function of power limiter cuts down unnecessary power supplied to the next stage. (Previously, the higher AC input voltage is applied, the higher power can be supplied to the next stage, of which power supply might be heavily loaded unnecessarily.)
• Prevention of overshoot on output voltage by dynamic OVP function without specific Pins. (Previously, this function is not supported or partly supported using specific Pins)
• Power dissipation is cut down by 35% of comparable products.
• Easy system design by using calculation sheet in Excel format provided for customers.


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