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Product Description
The RF2421 is a monolithic switched attenuator. The device is built using a Gallium Arsenide process technology and has a single step attenuation of 10dB. The input and output of the device has a low VSWR 50Ω match. The RF output can drive up to +16dBm. This unit is intended for use in systems that require RF power control by digital means. No negative supply voltages are required, and the current consumption is less than 5µA when the attenuator is off.

• Single 2.7V to 6V Supply
• 10dB Single Step Attenuation
• 1 dB Insertion Loss
• 1-bit Digitally Controlled Attenuation
• Digitally Controlled Power Down Mode
• 500MHz to 3000 MHz Operation

Typical Applications
• Power Control in Communication Systems
• CMOS Compatible Programmable Attenuator
• Commercial and Consumer Systems
• Portable Battery-Powered Equipment


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