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The ST18-AU1 is a single-chip multi-function audio processor for Dolby AC-3, MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Layer-I/II audio encoded bitstreams, and DVD Linear PCM. It is capable of decoding up to 5.1 channels of input Dolby AC-3 or MPEG-2 multi-channel encoded audio, and down mixing to 2 channels of PCM output audio. Maximum input data rates for Dolby AC-3 bitstream and MPEG-2 audio bitstream are 448 Kbits/s and 912 Kbits/s respectively. It also supports up to 8 channel linear PCM input with by-pass, down-sampling, and down-mixing function.

■ Single chip multi-function audio decoder able to decompress DOLBY AC-3, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 audio streams.
■ Maximum 5.1 channel DOLBY AC-3 decoding to 2 channel mixed down output with DOLBY surround compatible or karaoke capable option.
■ Variable bit rate MPEG-1 layer II audio decoding, and MPEG-2 multi-channel audio decoding for karaoke capable application.
■ Input data rates
    ■ up to 448 Kbits/s for AC-3 decoder
    ■ up to 912 Kbits/s for MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio decoder
■ Supports up to 8 channel DVD linear PCM input at max rate of 6.144 Mbits/s down-mixing and/ or sub-sampling to 2 to 6 channels.
■ Accepts MPEG-1 or DVD/MPEG-2 PES input packets.
■ Programmable D950 core
■ System time clock provides A/V synchronization and PTS packet extraction.
■ Automatic error concealment on CRC or synchronization error.
■ 6 channel PCM audio output at 16/18/20/24 bit. Sampling rate of 32/44.1/48/96 kHz.
■ Two on-chip PLLs providing full circuit operation with only one external 27 MHz clock.
■ I2C interface for host control
■ Multi-format i2S serial data input port and decoded audio PCM output port.
■ IEC-958 (S/PDIF) formatter and transmitter for DOLBY AC-3, MPEG audio bit stream, or audio PCM.
■ Dedicated hardware for emulation and test, IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG).
■ 3.3V power supply, I/O’s 5V tolerant, 0.35µM HCMOS6 technology.
■ 160 pin PQFP package

■ Digital video disc (DVD) player
■ Digital TV (DBS/DVB) receiver
■ PC multimedia
■ Consumer digital audio


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