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This datasheet refers to the STM8AF526x/8x/Ax and STM8AF6269/8x/Ax products with 32 to 128 Kbyte of program memory.
In the order code, the letter ‘F’ refers to product versions with Flash and data EEPROM and ‘P’ to product versions with FASTROM. The identifiers ‘F’ and ‘P’ do not coexist in a given order code.

The datasheet contains the description of family features, pinout, electrical characteristics, mechanical data and ordering information.
• For complete information on the STM8A microcontroller memory, registers and
   peripherals, please refer to STM8S series and STM8AF series 8-bit microcontrollers
   reference manual (RM0016).
• For information on programming, erasing and protection of the internal Flash memory
   please refer to the STM8S and STM8A Flash programming manual (PM0051).
• For information on the debug and SWIM (single wire interface module) refer to the
   STM8 SWIM communication protocol and debug module user manual (UM0470).
• For information on the STM8 core, please refer to the STM8 CPU programming manual


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