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STV-USB image

The VV5410/VV6410 are multi format digital output imaging devices based on STMicroelectronics’s unique CMOS sensor technology. Both sensors require minimal support circuitry.
VV5410 (monochrome) and VV6410 (colourised) produce digital video output. The video streams from both devices contain embedded control data that can be used to enable frame grabbing applications as well as providing input data for the external exposure controller.
The pixel array in VV6410 is coated with a Bayer colour pattern. This colourised sensor can interface to a range of STMicroelectronics co-processors. A chipset comprising VV6410 and STV0657 will output 8bit YUV or RGB digital video. A USB camera can be realised by partnering VV6410 with STV0672. Finally a high quality digital stills camera can be produced by operating VV6410 with STV0680B-001. Please contact STMicroelectronics for ordering information on all of these products.
Both VV5410 and VV6410 are initialised in a power saving mode and must be enabled via I2C control before they can produce video. The I2C allows the master coprocessor to reconfigure the device and control exposure and gain settings.
USB systems are catered for with an ultra low power, pin driven, suspend mode.
The on board regulator can supply sufficient current drive to power external components, (e.g. the video coprocessor).

Key Features
• 3.3V operation
• Multiple video formats available
• Pan tilt image feature
• Sub sampled image full FOV feature
• On board 10 bit ADC
• On board voltage regulator
• Low power suspend mode for USB systems
• Automatic black and dark calibration
• On board audio amplifier
• I2C communications

• PC camera
• Personal digital assistant
• Mobile video phones
• Digital stills cameras


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