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The STV224XH/228XH/223XH are fully bus-controlled ICs for TV that include PIF, SIF, Luma, Chroma and Deflection processing functions. Used with a vertical frame booster (TDA8174A for a 90° chassis, STV9306 for a 110° chassis), they allow multistandard (BGDKIMNLL’, PAL/SECAM/NTSC) sets to be designed with very few external components and no manual adjustments.

■ I²C Bus Control
■ PIF Circuit with PLL Demodulation (Positive and Negative Video)
■ SIF Circuit with QSS Structure, FM Demodulation and AM Demodulation for France
■ Intercarrier Capability
■ Built-in Sound Bandpass
■ Sound Subcarrier Output for Stereo Chassis (FM, NICAM)
■ Audio FM wide mode
■ Audio Switch and Volume Control (Mono Chassis)
■ AVL (Automatic Volume Levelling)
■ Integrated Chroma Filters and Luma Delay Line
■ Integrated Chroma Delay Line
■ Video Switch (3 CVBS In, 2 CVBS Out)
■ SVHS Switch (Y Combined with CVBS3 Input)
■ OSD RGB Inputs
■ External RGB/YCrCb Inputs or YUV Interface
■ PAL / SECAM / NTSC Chroma Demodulators
■ Auto Flesh Control Capability in NTSC mode
■ South America Capability (PAL-M / PAL-N / NTSC)
■ Chroma Subcarrier Output
■ Black Stretch Circuit
■ Peaking Circuit
■ Automatic Cut-off Current Loop
■ Manual Cut-off possible for low-cost applications
■ Two Horizontal Deflection PLLs
■ Vertical Countdown
■ Half Contrast
■ APR (Automatic RGB Peak Regulation) or RGB
Peak Limitation Function
■ White Insertion
■ Copy Protection mode
■ Wide Line Blanking mode
■ SAW Filter Switch Control (TQFP64 package only)
■ Very Few External Components


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