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High−side Power Switch for Motors, Solenoids, and Lamp Drivers

TPD1011S is a monolithic power IC for high-side switches. The IC has a vertical MOS FET output which can be directly driven from a CMOS or TTL logic circuit (eg, an MPU). The device offers intelligent self-protection and diagnostic functions.

● A monolithic power IC with a new structure combining a control block (Bi−CMOS) and a vertical power MOS FET (π−MOS) on a single chip.
● One side of load can be grounded to a high−side switch.
● Can directly drive a power load from a microprocessor.
● Built−in protection against thermal shutdown and load short circuiting. Also incorporates a diagnosis function that allows diagnosis output tobe read externally at load short circuiting, opening, or overtemperature.
● Up to −10V of counterelectromotive force from an L load can be applied.
● Low on resistance : RON = 60mΩ (max)
● Low operating current : IDD = 1mA (typ.) (@VDD = 12V, VIN = 0V)
● 5−pin TO−220 insulated package.
● Three standard lead configurations.


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