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Photo-Electric Switches
Copiers, Printers, and Facsimiles
Luminosity Adjustment for Various Types of Equipment

The TPS820(B,F) is a linear output photo-IC (current output type) which incorporates a photodiode and a current amp circuit in a single chip.
The sensitivity is superior to that of a phototransistor and its illuminance output linearity is excellent.

• High sensitivity: IL = 1.5 mA (Min) @E = 0.1 mW/cm2
• Little fluctuation in light current
• Output linearity of illuminance is excellent.
• Low current consumption: ICC = 1 μA (max) at VCC = 5 V
• Housed in compact side-view epoxy resin package
• Black package impermeable to visible light
• The TPS820 is suitable for use in combination with the TLN117(F) infrared LED lamp whose package size is the same.


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