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UWR-1.8/6000-D48A Datasheet PDF - DATEL Data Acquisition products

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High-Density, 2" x 1" 1-6 Amp, 9-15 Watt DC/DCs

The new 1.5V, 1.8V and 2.5V models in DATEL’s fl agship 9-15 Watt A-Series can source a continuous 6 Amps. This is the most "low-voltage" current available from a standard 1" x 2" package, and these power converters exemplify DATEL’s relentless drive to bring you more power/current, from standard packages, without compromising reliability or resorting to thermal specmanship.

■ 1.5/1.8/2.5VOUT models source 6 Amps
■ 3.3VOUT models source 4.25 Amps
■ 5/12/15VOUT models deliver full 15 Watts
■ 310kHz synchronous-rectifier topologies
■ Guaranteed efficiencies to 86%
■ Choice of 3 input voltage ranges: 10-18V, 18-36V, 36-75V
■ –40 to +60/70°C ambient w/o derating
■ Fully isolated (1500Vdc); I/O protected
■ UL1950/EN60950 certified
■ CE mark (75VIN models)
■ Standard 2" x 1" packages and pinouts
■ Optional VOUT trim, sync, on/off control
■ Pin compatible with Lucent LC/LW Series


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