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ES6178F Vibratto-S DVD Processor ESS
ESS Technology,Inc ESS
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The ES6168A VibrattoS DVD processor is a super high performance single-chip MPEG video decoding solution that provides not only DVD decoding, but also MPEG-4 support, allowing users to view video clips (from the Internet, a camcorder, or other source) on DVD players.
The ES6168A integrates a state-of-the-art progressive scan video feature to provide brilliant and sharp, flicker free output to the video display, built-in CPRM, and S/PDIF input and output support. The ES6168A performs audio/video stream data processing, TV encoding, Macrovision copy protection, DVD system navigation, system control, and housekeeping functions.
The Vibratto-S DVD processor is built on the ESS proprietary dual CPU Programmable Multimedia Processor (PMP) core consisting of 32-bit RISC and 64-bit DSP processors and offers the best DVD feature set. The processing units enable simultaneous parallel execution of system commands and data processing to perform specialized encoding and decoding tasks.

• Single-chip DVD processor.
• MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile* at full screen (D1).
• Integrated NTSC/PAL encoder with pixel-adaptive de-interlacer and five 10-bit 54 MHz video DACs.
• High-quality progressive scan video output for flicker-free video display.
• DVD-Video, DVD-VR, VCD 1.1 and 2.0, and SVCD.
• Full DVD-Audio support including MLP and LPCM decode, CPPM decryption, and watermark detection.
• Media playback with CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-RAM.
• Up to 7.1 channel audio outputs.
• Interface for IDE devices, A/V DVD loaders.
• Interface for CF, MS, SD, MMC, and SM memory cards.
• Direct interface of 8-/16-bit DRAM up to 128-Mb capacity.
• Direct interface for up to 4 banks of 8-/16-bit EPROM or Flash EPROM for up to 4-MB for each bank.
• Macrovision 7.1 for NTSC/PAL interlaced video.
• Macrovision NTSC/PAL (480p/576p) progressive scan video.
• Simultaneous composite, S-video, and YUV outputs.
• CCIR 656/601 YUV 4:2:2 input and output.
• On-Screen Display controller supports 256 colors in 8 degrees of transparency.
• Subpicture Unit (SPU) decoder supports karaoke lyric, subtitles, and EIA-608 compliant Line 21 Captioning.
• SmartLogo for custom JPEG wallpaper.
• JPEG digital photo support (Kodak Picture CD and Fujifilm FujiColor CD™).
• ESS Music Slideshow™.
• Bass management.
• Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Pro Logic™, and Pro Logic II.
• DTS™ surround.
• S/PDIF digital audio input and output.
• MPEG AAC and Multichannel.
• SRS TruSurround® and TruSurround XT.
• Windows™ Media Audio decoding.
• Professional karaoke with full scoring scheme.
• Lead-free leads using 98%-Sn/2%-Cu or 98%-Sn/2%-Bi available with ES6168FAF.



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