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Part Name Description Manufacturer
NJU7026 Small Package, 13μA, Rail-to-Rail Output Single CMOS Operational Amplifier JRC
Japan Radio Corporation  JRC
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The NJU7026 is a low power, single CMOS operational amplifier available in small packages, SC88A and MTP5. The NJU7026 can operate from a single-supply voltage of +1.8V to +5.5V. In addition, this amplifier features Rail-to-Rail output and low input bias current (1pA). Because of these features, the NJU7026 is ideal for low side current sense amplifier. The very low supply current of the NJU7026 (13μA) makes it suitable for battery-operated application.

•Low Supply Current 13μA typ. (at VDD= 5V), 12μA typ. (at VDD= 3V, 1.8V)
•Low Operating Voltage Vopr= 1.8V to 5.5V
•Rail-to-Rail Output VOH=4.9V min./ VOL=0.1V max. (at VDD= 5V, RL=100kΩ)
VOH=4.8V min./ VOL=0.2V max. (at VDD= 5V, IO=1mA)
•Small Package SC88A, MTP5
•Enhanced RF Noise Immunity
•CMOS Process

•Battery-operated application
•Battery monitor
•Current sensor
•Photodiode amplification

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