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Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier

The KK2902 contains four independent high gain operational amplifiers with internal frequency compensation. The four op-amps operate over a wide voltage range from a single power supply. Also use a split power supply. The device has low power supply current drain, regardless of the power supply voltage. The low power drain also makes the KK2902 a good choice for battery operation.

• Internally frequency compensated for unity gain
• Large DC voltage gain: 100dB
• Wide power supply range:
   3V ~ 32V (or ±1.5V ~ ±16V)
• Input common-mode voltage range includes ground
• Large output voltage swing: 0V DC to VCC-1.5V DC
• Power drain suitable for battery operation
• Low input offset voltage and offset current
• Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage

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