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Advanced Semiconductor


AC2010[Chip Resistor Surface Mount]

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Comply with AEC-Q200 standard
Superior resistance against sulfur containing atmosphere
MSL class: MSL 1
AC series soldering is compliant with J-STD-020D
Halogen free epoxy
RoHS compliant
  - Products with lead-free terminations meet RoHS requirements
  - Pb-glass contained in electrodes,resistor element and glass are exempted by RoHS
Reduce environmentally hazardous waste
High component and equipment reliability
Save PCB space
The resistors are 100% performed by automatic optical inspection prior to taping.

All general purpose applications
Car electronics, industrial application

YAGEO Corporation


MUR2010[Plastic Ultra-Fast Recover Rectifier]

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Reverse Voltage 100 to 600 V
Forward Current 20 A

• Low Power Loss,High Efficiency
• Low Forward Voltage Drop
• High Current Capability
• Lead and body according with RoHS standard


Kersemi Electronic Co., Ltd.



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MUR2010[Plastic Ultra-Fast Recover Rectifier]

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Reverse Voltage 100 to 600 V
Forward Current 20 A

• Low Power Loss, High Efficiency
• Low Forward Voltage Drop
• High Current Capability
• Lead and body according with RoHS standard


Rugao Dachang Electronics Co., Ltd


CRCW2010[Standard Thick Film Chip Resistors]

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● Stability ΔR/R = 1 % for 1000 h at 70 °C
● 2 mm pitch packaging option for 0603 size
● Pure tin solder contacts on Ni barrier layer
   provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead
   containing soldering processes
● Metal glaze on high quality ceramic
● AEC-Q200 qualified
● Material categorization: For definitions of compliance
   please see www.vishay.com/doc?99912

Vishay Semiconductors



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Mospec Semiconductor


DSPIC30F2010[High-Performance, 16-Bit Digital Signal Controllers]

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Note: This data sheet summarizes features of this group of dsPIC30F devices and is not intended to be a complete reference source. For more information on the CPU, peripherals, register descriptions and general device functionality, refer to the “dsPIC30F Family Reference Manual”(DS70046). For more information on the device instruction set and programming, refer to the “dsPIC30F/33F Programmers Reference Manual” (DS70157).

High-Performance Modified RISC CPU:
• Modified Harvard architecture
• C compiler optimized instruction set architecture with flexible Addressing modes
• 83 base instructions
• 24-bit wide instructions, 16-bit wide data path
• 144 Kbytes on-chip Flash program space (Instruction words)
• 8 Kbytes of on-chip data RAM
• 4 Kbytes of nonvolatile data EEPROM
• Up to 30 MIPS operation:
- DC to 40 MHz external clock input
- 4 MHz-10 MHz oscillator input with PLL active (4x, 8x, 16x)
- 7.37 MHz internal RC with PLL active(4x, 8x, 16x)
• 44 interrupt sources:
- 5 external interrupt sources
- 8 user selectable priority levels for each interrupt source
- 4 processor trap sources
• 16 x 16-bit working register array

DSP Engine Features:
• Dual data fetch
• Accumulator write-back for DSP operations
• Modulo and Bit-Reversed Addressing modes
• Two, 40-bit wide accumulators with optional saturation logic
• 17-bit x 17-bit single-cycle hardware fractional/integer multiplier
• All DSP instructions single cycle
• ±16-bit single-cycle shift

Peripheral Features:
• High-current sink/source I/O pins: 25 mA/25 mA
•Timer module with programmable prescaler:
- Five 16-bit timers/counters; optionally pair 16-bit timers into 32-bit timer modules
• 16-bit Capture input functions
• 16-bit Compare/PWM output functions
•3-wire SPI modules (supports 4 Frame modes)
•I2CTM module supports Multi-Master/Slave mode and 7-bit/10-bit addressing
• 2 UART modules with FIFO Buffers
• 2 CAN modules, 2.0B compliant (dsPIC306010A)
• 1 CAN module, 2.0B compliant (dsPIC306015)

Motor Control PWM Module Features:
• 8 PWM output channels:
- Complementary or Independent Output modes
- Edge and Center-Aligned modes
• 4 duty cycle generators
• Dedicated time base
• Programmable output polarity
• Dead-Time control for Complementary mode
• Manual output control
• Trigger for A/D conversions

Quadrature Encoder Interface Module Features:
• Phase A, Phase B and Index Pulse input
• 16-bit up/down position counter
• Count direction status
• Position Measurement (x2 and x4) mode
• Programmable digital noise filters on inputs
• Alternate 16-bit Timer/Counter mode
• Interrupt on position counter rollover/underflow

Microchip Technology


AT-42010[Up to 6 GHz Medium Power Silicon Bipolar Transistor]

Avago’s AT-42010 is a general purpose NPN bipolar tran sistor that offers excellent high frequency performance. The AT-42010 is housed in a hermetic, high reliability 100 mil ceramic package. The 4 micron emitter-to-emitter pitch enables this transistor to be used in many different functions. The 20 emitter fnger interdigitated geometry yields a medium sized transistor with impedances that are easy to match for low noise and medium power applications. This device is designed for use in low noise, wideband amplifer, mixer and oscillator applications in the VHF, UHF, and microwave frequencies. An optimum noise match near 50Ω up to 1 GHz, makes this device easy to use as a low noise amplifer.
The AT-42010 bipolar transistor is fabricated using Avago’s 10 GHz fT Self-Aligned-Transistor (SAT) process. The die is nitride passivated for surface protection. Excellent device uniformity, performance and reliability are produced by the use of ion-implantation, self-alignment techniques, and gold metalization in the fabrication of this device.

• High Output Power:
   21.0 dBm Typical P1 dB at 2.0 GHz
   20.5 dBm Typical P1 dB at 4.0 GHz
• High Gain at 1 dB Compression:
   14.0 dB Typical G1 dB at 2.0 GHz
   9.5 dB Typical G1 dB at 4.0 GHz
• Low Noise Figure:
   1.9 dB Typical NFO at 2.0 GHz
• High Gain-Bandwidth Product: 8.0 GHz Typical fT
• Hermetic Gold-ceramic Microstrip Package


Avago Technologies


322010[Axial Lead and Cartridge Fuses]

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3AB Very Fast-Acting Fuse 322 Series

SFE Fast-Acting Type 307 Series

For protection of silicon controlled rectifiers and similar solid-state devices.

Littelfuse, Inc

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